1. What are the benefits upgrade as a partnership Halo Telco?

Benefit of upgrading as a business partner, business partners will receive commissions passively as long as your customer subscriptions are subscribed and use the tunetalk network. Business partners can also participate in competitions from halo telco provided

2. How to upgrade to partnership with Halo Telco?

User can upgrade via Halo Go apps, before proceed with upgrade, user need to verify video E-KYC first within 24H admin approve user can upgrade to partnership.

3. I'm Currently using tariff Tone Excell or tone Plus, can I change tariff TO Halo Telco?

Can, customer need to registered new SIM with halo telco then let the ToneExcell/Plus SIM status to Grace period and after 15 days of start grace period. Customer Care Halo Telco Shall proceed to change Tariff.

4. How to subscribe Halo Telco plan?

Customer can purchase via halo GO Apps, or customer can purchase manually via SMS Eg: M10/M6/TUNEUNL sent to 2222

5. How to add on data booster?

Customer can purchase via Tune talk, Halo GO apps or manually via SMS B10 sent to 2222.

6. If basic internet already reach data quota did my data usage will be charge as pay per use?

NO, data will be trolled down to 64kbps.

7. What is the benefits once I register a new number/MNP port in to Halo Telco?

Benefit sir can upgrade to our partnership via apps and make monthly income

8. What is change tariff?

Change Tariff is from another modern trade want to change to halo Telco, Only selected modern trade can transfer to halo Telco Eg: Tone Excell/Plus.

9. I want to change my phone number, where can I change the phone number? If can, when can I use the new number?

Mobile number can change via Tune Talk Apps, customer can selecr Menu > Change Mobile number > Select 4 digit number > Submit. Customer will be charge RM 5 on the transaction.

10. My phone lost with SIM, I have new blank SIM, where can I change the SIM and use same number?

Customer can get nearest concept, mini & truck store to get SIM with RM 5 per SIM.

11. Where can I reload airtime credit for halo Telco?

Customer can reload via Halo GO & Tune Talk Apps, partnership & 24/7 store Eg; 7-Eleven, Gas station.

12. Where can I check all data usage?

Customer can monitor via Tune talk & Halo Go apps or customer can check manually via *134#

13. Where customer can purchase halo Telco SIM?

If customer already have existing account, customer can download Halo GO apps to validate nearest concept, mini or truck store. Or Customer can call our customer care at 01150505020 for further inquiries.

14. If my daily usage limit quota data, did Halo Telco send notification for me to acknowledge?

Yes, customer will receveid SMS from Tunetalk on usage almost reach 70%

15. Can I make transfer ownership? From my details to my brother details? If can, whats is the process?

1. Numbers must be active with Tune Talk for at least 6 months.

2. Copy of identity card / passport must be attached (old user and new user).

3. Numbers who want to make a change of ownership, need to be topped up by RM200.

4. The new owner does not have 5 active Tune Talk sim card numbers

16. My number already terminate due to credit expired, can I get my old number back? If can, what is the process?

1. Need to validate with tunetalk at 0327717000 to ensure that the number is still available or taken.

2. If the number is still available after confirming with tunetalk, you must register 1 new simcard Halo Telco.

3. After you activate the SIMcard, you need to top up RM50 on the new SIMcard, this top up is to top up the credit in the customer’s account.

4.After reload RM 50 need to validate with tunetalk to enter the expired number into the new sim that has been registered. Transaction must be completed withtin 48 Hours from new SIM was activated.