About Us

Halo Go

Constant growth technology in the telecommunication industry in Malaysia have been given many new opportunity to all users now. With this era, opportunity is there for all of us. Halo Go is here to presents the latest telecommunication solutions all within a digital platform. Are you a mobile phone user in Malaysia? Let’s Halo Go!

Halo Telco

Halo Telco partners with Tune Talk one of the largest MVNO in Malaysia to present to you the Prepaid SIM Card with smallest price tag in Malaysia with highest in return. Halo Go is bringing you the value and reward that have never happened within the industry in Malaysia.


With the population of 32.5 million Malaysia citizen, mobile user is around 44million. 80% of Malaysia still preferred prepaid SIM Card as their mobile phone network. Start today, use it, refer it, and sell it.